This past weekend I finished the first part of documenting the faces I saw at the local markets. It was a little awkward asking people for their photo and I might not have done it had I not had a friend with me. I did lie I bit and say I was doing it for a project for USC since I think the idea would have seemed a bit strange otherwise. I also tried to be as nice as I could (which in some cases meant buying an item) so they would know I wasn't trying to exploit them. I think most were a little initially skeptical, but I actually only had one person (an old lady who said she didn't even like her family taking her photo) decline when I asked. I think experiences like these are good. It's also necessary. I think if I had tried to do this with a telephoto lens it would have been cheating. I am glad I took the time to ask each person their name and have a short conversation with them.