Setting Priorities

I was reading a post about setting values and browsed a list of several hundred and picked those listed below. These are the things that I consciously want to live for. As I went down the list I could feel the conditioned responses and the immediate voice in the back of my head saying no, you don't really value that.

  • harmony
  • belonging/community
  • assurance
  • awareness/clarity/insightfulness
  • cheerfulness
  • clever/ingenious 
  • elegance
  • freedom
  • efficiency
  • frugality
  • intuition
  • intensity
  • patience
  • determination/resolve
  • New experience

Expanding on these words (and the connections between them) resulted in this these statements:

1) Good relations between between people and other living systems - a sense of inclusion with these
2) An understanding of my place in the world and what role I can fill
3) Maintaining a clear purpose in the midst of distraction/temptation - able to overcome adversity
4) Thoughtful and unique solutions to complex problems
4) The ability to maintain a contagious and positive disposition

Are these good values? Should I change them? Will they lead me where I want to go?

I rather quickly noticed this list did not include novelty and new experience (people, ideas, places, ways of life, hobbies). I feel like it is integral to the others and keeps me excited. It's like turning over a log and never knowing what will be there: a salamander, some strange insect, an odd fungus. This is how I see life.

I should also note (contrary to popular belief), I am not my values. They are simply a guide that I choose to follow (or not).Do my values sync up with my goals? What are my goals right now?

Summarized Goals: 
1) Learn - TED talks/books/thoughtful friends
2) Meaningful work - improve current role or find a new one
3) Focus energy on key friends
4) Drop time/energy sucking habits (Sex, Alcohol, Facebook)
5) Mindfulness/Meditation/Gratitude
6) Exercise & better body
7) Better communication
8) Engaging (and new) Hobbies

Where do my goals differ from my values? What is different between the two lists?

Values not reflected in goals:
1) Not seeking to create harmony in the world - I want everyone to get along, but am not doing anything about it
2) Not working on any new/big problems
3) Not actively planning any adventures
4) Not seeking out my strengths and how I can apply them

Goals not reflected in values:
1) Health/Fitness

Thoughts on differences:
Obviously, I need better goals (I also need to read them every few days because I have not made progress on a few of them). I need to incorporate these and find a better union between the two. How might I do that?

1) Find problems in Columbia that I can work on. Find issues at work that can be improved.What divisive issues can I work on ameliorating to create more harmony.
2) Plan a few trips. Find some odd communities or events within 100 miles to be a part of.
3) Value my own health more
4) DO more things/activities. I tend to spend my time "hanging out" or noodling around online. To make better use of my time I will need to do a little more planning and research (Free Times,, ect)
5) Spend time identifying and developing my strengths