To work on

This is a good list for me to reflect on....

ENTP may show some or all of the following weaknesses in varying degrees:
  • The inability to maintain a comfortable situation or relationship once its possibilities have been realized or exhausted. 
    • In progress - current job - not sure how to deal with this or if it is even possible to come to terms with this one
  • A tendency to consider careful or meticulous thinkers as unworthy plodders or time wasters. 
    • This job has helped with this tremendously - people are different, not stupid
  • Blindness to the needs and feelings of others not directly involved in the ENTP's current area of interest. 
    • GUILTY
  • A lack of sensitivity to the feelings and ways of those who might need reassurance, security or commitment. 
    • Recently discovered the importance of this
  • The inability to deal carefully and calmly with the finer details of a situation or work in progress. 
    • Less guilty of this lately- Buddhism has also helped with impatience generally
  • Tendency to become overly annoyed by minor setbacks or small things that have to be set right before the goal can be realized. 
    • To some degree
  • A tendency to be arrogant or boastful, or to demean those who cannot see the same answers. 
    • Guilty but working on it
  • Can often find themselves in bad situations by too quickly taking a big step forward or by being "too smart for their own good". 
    • This has slowed considerably with age and experience. Still guilty though