Thoughtful Clarity

I think the gratitude log and TED talks are a good idea, but I don't feel like I am devoting enough thought into them. I get the initial "click" when I hear the idea, but I am not running with it. In my mind, it's similar to looking through an out-of-focus microscope, seeing the blur, and then having someone turn the focus knob and bring into clarity what I was looking at. I like the "A ha!" moment, but I am just dictating what they say and adding in whatever immediate responses I have. It feels like vomiting on the page. I do not  pause and reflect on what the speakers say.  I need to be more thoughtful. I need more self-generated "A-ha" insights.

I also need to direct my gratitude at areas where I see difficulty or seem to naturally emanate negativity. I need to reprogram my associations with these people/institutions/ideas.I think this will offer a lot more benefit and make me genuinely more grateful. I need to seek out gratitude beyond those areas where it is immediately apparently.