Note to self: If someone asks me what have I been up to, and I don't have any response that is exciting to share, let that be a slap in the face that I am wasting my life. The ability to share ideas and energy with a smile on my face and in the rapid cadence which has been a hallmark of my speech, is a sure sign of progress.

For the past few months when people asked me "What have you been up to?" I'd feverishly flip through my mental calendar hoping something notable might pop out. Lately I have had nothing to share other than "working, going to the gym, watching interesting films." That changes now.....


  • That I am able to instantly read the perspectives of people I disagree with in order to better understand their lives and their motivations
  • That distance does not separate me from my friends
  • That I have people in my life who are enough to talk to me and point out when I might be mistaken - that they care enough to spend the time helping me sort out my own troubles