Slow down

too antsy
always considering yesterday
or what I will do after work
while taking a piss
standing in line
walking from the car to the office
what just happened?
moments lost
this is most of life

A Buddhist parable:

"A traveler, fleeing a tiger who was chasing him, ran till he came to the edge of a cliff. There he caught hold of a thick vine, and repelled down the edge hoping he might wait out the tiger. Above him the tiger snarled. A moment later he heard another snarl, and to his surprise, there was second tiger, peering up at him. The vine swayed him midway between two tigers.

Two mice, a white mouse and a black mouse, began to gnaw at the vine. He could see they were quickly eating it through. Then in front of him on the cliff side he saw a luscious bunch of wild grapes. Holding onto the vine with one hand, he reached and picked a grape with the other.

How delicious!"