Old advice to myself

more old notes (I still need to work on the last one):

  • When you have an idea, don't just use intuition. Pull the data for it. Do your research. Fact check. Lay out a clear thesis. Doubt yourself. Be precise
  • Be more friendly. Be more helpful. You like nice people!
  • When you have a question/feedback for someone first make a serious effort to understand their reasoning and decision making process before you state what you would do differently. 
  • Spend less time writing email
  • Rely on other people for help and don't be afraid to ask for it. 
  • DIVE IN! You like learning. Don't put off the hard/tedious stuff for last. Just assume you will figure it out. You probably can, and if not, see #5
  • Don't ask questions you can look up yourself
  • Deal with issues/questions up front. Don't wait to ask important questions. 
  • Take clear notes about personal failures. Reflect on them. Learn from them
  • Work on self discipline. Learn to bite your tongue. Exercise restraint. 
  • Set realistic expectations and makes sure you have clear and explicit expectations
  • If you have time to think before you act, let it all simmer. Take advantage of the time and ignore your impatience as difficult as it might be.
  • Read more carefully, more slowly. Then read it again. 
  • Be less confrontational in conversations. You don't mind a good debate and can generally keep calm, but others don't always see the sport in the back and forth. Just say that's nice and listen, nod your head. You will be surprised what other people have to say and how they open up to you.