Thought vs. Intuition

I have always considered myself a good "thinker" though I have also known for some time that I am generally confusing to others when I try to convey exactly how I come to a conclusion. I am only now understanding why my extemporaneous thought has always been rather confusing to others.

What I am realizing is that while I may be an ENTP, my strongest attributes are external intuition and internal thinking. Internally I am able to quickly highlight the key aspects of a situation and make a decision off of them. Being a strong N-type means I am admittedly weak at walking through the small steps I made to arrive at a conclusion. I should avoid trying to share the inner workings of my admittedly non-linear thought processes without first pausing to synthesize it into something another human being can process. There is nothing wrong with sharing my general opinion of a situation, the biggest concerns/risks I have identified but if I wish to consider "debate" further, I should write out my thinking privately in a clear and linear manner. Only then it will be in a form that a larger population can follow.

Also, slowing down would probably be helpful too