Thoughts on Aging

Just some notes I jotted down from a discussion about the process of aging that I thought were worth sharing:

  • loss of fear - primarily a result of experiencing failure and an acceptance that failure is ok, 
  • the role of chance in life - and a tacit admission that we do not have control over our own destiny nearly as much as we would like
  • everyone has something to teach
  • A gradual disbelief in my own ability to know things with certainty (with this is religious fundamentalism, pure evil, and fairy tale notions of true love)
  • a gradual acceptance of "reality" and a letting go of magical thinking (same list as above)... also a slow release from the torment of extreme philosophical views like solipsism
    • also an appreciation for the natural world and the infinite interconnectedness of life and matter and the wonders of science
  • Empathy/sympathy/compassion for others (this is also in no small part a result of failure and our ability to have common experiences)
  • Self-control - particularly in moments when we are emotionally charged
  • admitting ones own faults easily, and maybe even embracing them
  • an appreciation for the role of art in human expression
  • a release from the view that social structures and conventions matter, and a belief that they are all just a silly little game we all play