More free stuff for the patio

Carpentry requires a level of patience and planning I don't have. That
was clear to me as I through this make shift adirondack chair together
from some old pallets. I was kind of amused at how easy it was to just
engineer little solutions for my imperfections and unevenness. One leg
shorter than the other? No problem, just chop one down or screw a
piece of wood to the other. Is this board loose? No problem, just add
a brace on the back. I think I made about for tweaks that any
carpenter would have laughed at, but the chair is sturdy and should
last until the wood begins to rot away. I do think I might benefit
from actually planning out a real project though. One where I have to
take my time, make proper measurements, make sure everything is level,
and where rushing through would defeat the purpose and ruin the final

I am also happy with how I have been able to continually find new,
free ideas for making this project come together.