re:Waking up with the sun

I could get used to this - a quiet freshing walk.... a cool morning breeze, almost like mountain air.... a warm cup of coffee... birds chirping... golden light everywhere... a big swing all to myself in the park.

I would certainly trade this for the late nights I spend staring at my laptop. I also feel it makes much more sense for when I go back to work. Most people (myself included) wake up and go straight to work and the time they have for themselves is at the end of the day when they are stressed and exhausted. Their employers get their best hours and they get the leftovers. It's a pretty raw deal. It would also improve my work habits a little. I would certainly be in a position to hit the ground running if I picked up this routine. 

Also from a photographer's perspective I am missing half of the best lighting of the day. It will certainly open up more opportunities to see things differently.