I have never been one to budget - this includes not only money but
more importantly, time. The idea makes me feel trapped, but I am at
the point where I can honestly say I waste too much of both of those
precious resources unnecessarily. I don't want to be someone who
prescribes myself a regimented schedule, but it's clear after some
very basic accounting that my priorities and values aren't very well
aligned with outflows of dollars and seconds. I need to spend more
time reading about, practicing and spending time with people who share
my hobbies. I already mentioned this, but I need to devote more time
to the people I care about and less time on Facebook. I need to go
after women less and after deep friendships more. I need to start
basing them on what they can do for my spirit and not what they can do
for my "future." I need to spend more time investing in my health and
exercising. I need to spend more time outdoors.