Some people like books. I like film. I need to start watching them on
a more regular basis. I certainly have enough free time to watch
several a week. I need to get back in the habit. I really enjoyed
doing that a year or two ago. I should also do a better job of
reflecting on them - what I enjoyed, what I learned, what made it
compelling, what will likely stick with me and shape my world view, to
explore the filmmakers a little more too... I started attending a film
club a few months back and really enjoy the post-film discussion with
others. It's amazing how much subtlety is in every scene and how many
emotions and ideas flow through my head as the film unfolds. It wasn't
until I had to verbalized it that I really grasped the complexity of
the experience.

Anyway, I am rambling a bit but I just wanted to remind myself that I
really value it and that I want to make it a part of my life again. In
the absence of the quantity of regular, deep, stimulating friendships,
this is the best substitute I have found. Though, that might be
another topic that I should reflect on in the coming days and if there
are things I can do to work on that situation....