I guess I have come to accept that most of the answers to the technical
questions I ask have been answered and the ones that have not are ones
that I would never have had the patience and diligence to solve.

Given all the pieces are here, and simply scattered about, I have come
to see a strong role for those who can bring them together - whether
this be as a statesman, a prophet or as a weaver of imagery, I am

Lately I have been voraciously reading books on photography and
practicing the finer technical aspects of the craft. In some ways I
think this may be the best use of my time, but first I feel like I
need to learn the language of imagery. How to communicate through
photos. How to speak what cannot be said with words. In looking over
books the past few weeks it is rather amazing what can be said with a
single image that would take pages to otherwise communicate....