Here are a few Haiku gems I came across while doing some reading for a
project in my photography class.... I thought they were worth sharing.

Many solemn nights
Blond moon, we stand and marvel
Sleeping our noons away

Stillness... Then the bat
flapping among the willows
Black against green sky

Giddy Grasshopper
Take care... Do not leap and crush
These pearls of dewdrop

Plume of pampas grass
Trembling in every wind
Like a lonely heart

The snake departed
But the little eyes that glared
still shining in the grass

The carved God is gone
Dead leaves alone foregather
on the temple porch

Oh stupid scarecrow
Under your very stick feet
birds are stealing beans

Oh friend grasshopper
Will you play the caretaker
To my little grave

Women planting rice
every bit about them dirty
But their haunting song

Stupid hot melons
Rolling like fat idiots
Out of leafy shade

Why so scrawny cat?
Starving for fat fish, or mice
Or backyard love?

White chrysanthemum
Before that perfect flower
Scissors hesitate

Too curious thistle
Watching us pass, met death
our hungry donkey

What a gorgeous one
That fat sleek huge old chestnut
I could not get at

Angrily I came
But waiting in my garden....
Calm old willow tree

Watching, I wonder
What poet could put down his quill
Such a perfect moon

It is late autumn
Look, on my rubbish-heap
A morning-glory

Oh former renter,
I know it all, all down to
The very cold you felt

Snow-swallows valley
Only the painter river
A black winding line