I feel like I am finally getting a clear ethical base for my decision making process. It has taken a long time (mainly because so many people argue to prove whatever they said in the past was right [myself included] AND because people like to polarize things) rather than letting down their defenses and talking about the issue itself. That's why I don't talk to fundamentalists - because they think they have already found truth (and why I like Unitarians). But anyway, I feel like the effort I have put in over the past two years is paying off. I feel less conflicted when I make decisions or express political sentiments. In a lot of ways I have let go of many ideas and detached them from my ego which has let me see them for what they are.

Or to quote Mr.Neruda... "Forgetting lasts so long"

Yes it does... but I feel like I have made lot of progress...


In other news I also decided to go get formally screened for ADD at the university counseling center which should lead to a visit to the psychiatrist and then a prescription. This route will be free, and given that, I I can't see the harm in trying the medication for a short while. I had a long conversation today with a friend (who is about 6 years older than me) who just decided to start medication. We both had common fears about personality/addiction as well as dissatisfaction with our current level of productivity. This along with the obvious fact that it has been studied by thousands for decades was enough to assuage my doubts.