I have been trying a variety of things for my ADD. Lately I have been
adjusting my dosing of coffee (a half cup seems to work best) but I
really don't like how it affects my sleeping patterns. Exercise seems
to work well, but I'm never motivated to be consistent. I am also
considering taking Adderall, but since it has similar effects it's
also probably going to result in the same thing. I also don't like how
coffee cuts me off from my emotions. I feel less when I drink it. I
feel disconnected from people. Productive, but disconnected. It's a
tradeoff. I'll have to calculate the benefits over time.
In any case, I don't think I'd want a daily rx, and the additive
properties, and subsequently higher dosing also concern me.
I'm also curious what sort of effects it will have on my personality.
I like who I am now and don't want to be someone else because of my
attention deficit problems.