My gripe with UU's

I have been going to the Unitarian Universalist church for a while now, and I have noticed a strong turn towards political action and less on spiritual growth.

In their desire for social justice, I feel like they focus on all the crap that is wrong with society (unemployment, poverty, war, issues of racial inequality) and though it will certainly help people temporarily feel better, it's a spiritual dead end. It won't bring lasting satisfaction. In fact, most of the people who we are fighting for have plenty of reasons to be happy - not to complain. I don't mean to discount these things (because they are important) I just think that if I could wave a magic wand and create the economic and social conditions most in the UU profess, they would just live in slightly smaller, litter-free, ecologically sound homes with a rainbow flag for their gay neighbors, be healthier because they bike more, grow their own food and are vegetarian but be just as unhappy because their lives lack a deeply felt sense of purpose and meaning. I don't think this social and ecological harmony is going to alleviate the existential angst many carry around.

What I hope to find in my congregation is not social justice (though it's important). I want a source (or at least a path) to lasting peace that I can share with others. At a minimum I want to be part of a community that is working to help each member work towards this INDIVIDUAL goal - not one that goes around telling the rest of the world what they need to do better. In fact, I think if we did a better job of focusing on being happy with our own lot (and finding deep lasting peace) I think the world would be more likely to end up doing what we wanted out of a simple desire to share in the same source of peace.

I feel the most benefit will come from a transformation of the mind rather than of the pocketbook (that's why I go to the UU). Inner peace (specifically contentment with ones circumstances) will do more for our society than this never ending desire to promote economic growth or education at the expense of our environment, liberties and overall sanity. Though, at the same time, I certainly recognize an individual's right to pursue these things, even if *I* feel they won't make them happy. I think that's what everyone else fails to remember and it's at the heart of what UU is supposed to be about.

Here is a comedic take on the same idea:
The Secret to Happiness is to be Thankful