My time at Bridgewater was very valuable. It helped me to chase after
conflict and separate emotion from my problems. I made a lot of
progress because of this. Unfortunately, the world is not so eager to
face such things head on. A lot of people avoid these things at all
cost. In a lot of ways, it has led to the failure of more than one
friendship. I almost feel like it has left me with a way that keeps me
from sharing my love with the world. Conflict and criticism is how I
help people. I really enjoy the process of working through a problem
and helping people work towards the things that they want and the
things that will improve the quality of their lives. I love doing this
in my own life. Researching, reading, talking with friends and then
putting it in to practice and monitoring the results. I guess this has
highlighted for me the need to improve my delivery so that my genuine
concern can come through. I am going to have to work on sharing these
things in a way that's more acceptable and less hurtful.