It's hot an humid, my throat is raw, I have a headache and the energy of a limp
noodle not to mention I'm running a temperature of 101.6. In short, I feel absolutely miserable. Maybe basic healthcare is a right, I wouldn't put
anyone through this if there was a cheap alternative.

It's hard though when it's treated like an on off switch - cover everything or nothing. They need to separate basic
care (antibiotics, stitches, ect) which is quick and cheap from emergency
care (car wrecks, falls, serious accident) which needs a natural
disincentive but also will occur even to safe individuals, from chronic care (think Parkinson's) which I don't know what don't know what to do about from end of life care (cancer, other terminal conditions) which
tends to be the most expensive (about 60% of total lifetime costs)...

Preventive care and education about diet and exercise in schools
should also play a huge role....