Photograph is only one of two hobbies since I have had since a child (gardening is the other). When I am behind the lens (or screen) it is amazing how time becomes fluid and how my heart flutters. I can be in a crowd of thousands and I hear the simple calm voice in my head calculating composition, lighting, and color... inventing new ways of seeing conventional things... seeing things as they are and not as the icons we imagine in our head.... finding indescribable beauty in an ordinary white fluffy cloud.

It's from the Greek words φῶς "light" and γραφή "drawing", together roughly translates to light writing. It is how I tell stories. Is how I show the world what I see and what I feel. It is existential. It is real. It is raw. Like music it has to power to capture the emotional relevance of a given moment. It bites and won't let go.

Photograpy is the difference in this:

and this

(as an aside it's funny how we also migrated from the noble love associated with the return of a war hero featured below to the raw passion of the image above)