Plans, Plans, Plans....

I am always coming up with plans. I think I like ideas more than the reality of executing them. But anyway.... The latest is high school biology teacher.

I really think this is good for now. I am still in the exploration mode of life and this type of job will give me the chance to explore and work for the foreseeable future. And with a work day that ends at 3pm, I will be free to have a ton of other hobbies I wouldn't even be able to consider if I went back to finance. I also have the option of working anywhere in the country I want - even in rural areas that might not have any other real opportunities. It will give me a chance to work/explore at the same time.

I've got another meeting with the college of education this Thursday and I registered for classes at the tech school for the summer session. I should be able to knock out the pre-reqs by the end of fall semester. The other nice thing is that since I have almost no income, I am eligible for Pell grants which will make school much cheaper... and for the loans I do take out, most are forgiven if you teach in high needs subject or geographic areas. It looks like starting salaries are about 40k for the schools near where I live which will be more than enough for a comfortable lifestyle, and there are also a few good schools within walking distance of my house, which is pretty sweet too. I also went by the local high school and tried to set up an appointment to get some classroom time with a teacher, though he referred me back to the university since there are so many background checks that need to be conducted these days.

I was also really excited about the idea of starting a tax lein hedge-like fund, but the damn hurdles you have to jump through to be a registered investment advisor (even in this state!) are insane. It's all state-run, but the process is standardized across the nation. The first of several forms I had to fill out was over 100 pages. Scratch that. At least for now. It would certainly be a good thing to combine with a career in education, but it will take quite a while to set up. In the mean time I will continue investing in tax auctions and acquiring properties along the way.