Goals for 2011 (and the past 6 months)

Stop using stereotypes when dealing with people, remember we are all

Continue the process of shedding engrained views and expectations- live more deliberately.

Total recognition and acceptance of myself - make this public

Set clear goals on a regular basis - both concrete and abstract. Write them out.

Make it a point to develop deeper relationships with those in my life
and express an express appreciation for them on a regular basis
through calls, letters and small thoughtful gifts.

Be more chaste, and stop wasting time chasing things simply to fill my time

Work to be less abrasive with my perpetually iconoclastic views

Go back to work

Be more patient and less judging

Live out my spiritual/philosophical views... Develop them on a regular basis

When negative emotions arise - acknowledge them and reflect on them. Don't ignore them or find ways to busy myself with distractions.