Looking back on 2010

So, I just want to write out my major events/accomplishments for the past year just so I don't feel like it was a total waste, which is what I feel like a good bit of the time. I feel like I could have done 10 times as much.

sorted out my religious views
sorted out my insecurities and dealt with them
-loosened my grip on my image
-Don't care as much about money (started giving it away)
-talked with my dad
-admitted my fears
Made it past a break up (and was honest with someone else about all of it)
Passed Level one of CAIA
took level one of CFA (waiting on results - Hopefully I passed)
Lived in Charleston for a month
Went to Mardi Gras
Went to NYC a few times (and did my last on a shoestring budget just to prove to myself that I could do it with just a few bucks)
Spent a week in Louisville
Went to Miami/Everglades/Key West
Camped out and went off of the grid for a week
Shorter roadtrips to:
-Hilton Head
started painting again
worked on my photography
ran my first 5k and sprint triathlon
finished USMC mud run
Kayaked ~50 miles down Congaree river
Got in shape (still need to get to goal of 180 lb)
Grew a beard!
Fixed up my house (proud of it now)
worked with neighborhood to make the area better
- community gardens
- litter clean ups
- police enforcement
- Trees! Trees! Trees!
- street sweeping
- New code enforcement officers (got old ones removed)

In retrospect. I feel like I really can accomplish anything once I write it down and make it an explicit objective. I think this is key. When I think about the things I am the proudest of over the past 12 months, it is those for which I put pen to paper (or at least pecked them out on a list on my iphone). It's almost as if I have the power to create my own destiny. The hard part is still trying to figure out what's worth spending time on, but it seems anything is better than just sitting on my ass which seems to be my natural tendency (that or just going out and hanging with friends drinking/dancing/laughing and chasing girls - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does, in the end, seem a little hollow).