Abstract, Concrete
The difference in a stranger
you see
the family
you love
and the thousands
I imagine
The difference, in
How I help the world
How you do
I guess I'm not surprised
now I just wonder if you
lost faith in my capacity
just chose what was comfortable
or if you never understood to begin with
On a related, but completely different note, I had a very interesting conversation with a friend today about my "zen" views on the traditionally negative emotions (fear, lonliness, confusion, anger).

And, as I mentioned on an older post, my initial take was to actively change them (think of something else, busy myself with activities, ect). Then I began to just view them as an inevitable part of the human condition to which acceptance was the most satisfying response. Face them in their full intensity and then simply allow them to just fade away - I always have the image of an unclenching fist.

My friend offered a very unique insight. She found beauty in the fact that these feelings were universal - That we all experience them, and that we should take comfort in them, knowing full well others have already crossed these waters, and other still are at sea along with us. Lastly, and I think most insightfully, we should actually SAVOR them because of this fact. They help us to relate to others. They make us a fuller person.

I think there is a lot of truth in that. I felt for a long time I couldn't really empathaize with a lot of people who were sad. Almost as if I was lacking some essential human experience. I just didn't see how they could be down about certain things. Now, I have this little period of my life I can reflect on and share with those I meet. It's almost like I joined some club, and now I can high five everyone I meet who's been there too.

I really like that feeling.