Money can't buy things that don't have prices

I often meet people who spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about ways they can earn a certain amount of money so they can "do what they want in life." (I used to be part of this club.) After college, it was easy to spot people who went to graduate school to avoid making these decisions. I think this is because people confuse their career, "what they do" with what they want to do, as if how they were going to earn their income was the important question. But, I never realized that some of the people who decided to go off and start making money, were simply doing so as a way to put off making decisions about what they want.
In the end, I think people assume they will be able to trade the money they make for what they want, but in reality I think they end up trading their money for things (read: assets) that help them collect more dollar bills. I feel like if they simply took this amount of time and applied it to first, figuring out what they want to do in life, and second, how they can accomplish what they want with what they have, they might find a tad more satisfaction.
Benjamin Franklin said, a man can either increase his means or decrease his wants.... well I think old Benji was a bit short sighted. If a man is clever enough, he can usually find mote than one way to do what he wants with a fraction of the money. I think a man has better chances of cutting his costs than he does of growing his business, it also has the benefit of being a lot easier.