I've sat patiently, waiting
hoping you'd heal, open up: nothing
except when you have a little guilt
then you reach out
just enough to assuage that nagging feeling
but not enough to share the truth
only when I push you
and tell you the things
you don't want to hear from me
or ask the questions you want to forget
do you lash out
with words you think will cut me
as if the truth would sting
but you see
that's what I have been waiting for
all along
so I can move along
and put you where you belong
in my past
I do have a little regret though
I know you've changed a lot
as have I
and I felt like I helped spur
a lot of those changes in you
so I was kind of curious
to see what type of person you have become
and it hurt a little, when you didn't care
about the ways I'd changed
but that is nothing I can change
and something only acceptance
can cure