I'll go where the river takes me

Back to doing what I do best
planning my next big endeavor
and settling into my new life
right now it's:
piddling around on the farm
getting to know my family
(and letting them know me)
and just trying to shed the nonsense
sometimes it's hard to know what's genuine
and what's acting
so much impromptu training
TV, music, dumb books
but it's easy when I feel myself talking
and realize the words aren't my own
and you feel like you have to apologize
I don't mind letting my own words stick
I sleep easy, even if they bite
floating down a river
things felt right
It's what I like to do
set a course of motion
and just appreciate it
no bitching about bug bites
no complaining about where I sleep
or the cell phone signal
when I'm hot
jump in the river, find some shade
when I'm hungry
cast a line
when I'm tired
find a sandy bank
If I want to go home
know it will take me there
If i want it faster
paddle harder
I have what I need
I have what I want
if I accept my circumstances

a butterfly lands on my finger
found some paw paws to snack on
a redneck in a john boat
throws me some bottled water

I'll go where this river takes me
no need fighting the current
save your worries for yourself>
Float on - it's easy
but when it's time to get out,
it's time for something else
always changing
pop in
pop out
always the same