What bluegrass taught me

I want a woman
that can keep up
and surprise me
with her own ideas about life
and what's she wants to do with it
who's got a backbone and balls
bigger than mine
but can still be tender and gentle
'cause I wanna be stretched
and grow to love
cause' I'm gonna need a mama
as much as I need a wife
but not as much as I need
a partner in crime
I don't want to bother
with the "prisoner's dilemma"
a woman
who doesn't want to own me
who can let me do my own thing
who is ok with my craziness
'cause that ain't gonna change
who is curious
who doesn't mind gambling
with life
who is free of bullshit
who can see through my bullshit
and more importantly
when I am bullshitting myself
who knows how to fuck
(that's harder to find than you would think)
and how to love somebody
who likes to save a nickel
just for the hell of it
but doesn't give a damn about it
who can make herself happy
who finds beauty
who seeks a good time
who likes meeting new people
and trying new things
who can get me out of my own head
when I get stuck there
who's healthy
and wants to keep it that way
who can walk through fire
if that's what it takes
'cause I'd do the same
I don't want to babysit
kiss ass
constantly reassure
be the only one talking
or dreaming
or thinking
I don't want to be together
but livin' by myself
I want the man
I am trying to be