"A way with words - and life"

I recognized that place
I had been hiking there, climbed that mountain -
Mohonk Mountain House
Why was a picture of it in the local paper
It was of a man who'd been there too
but he lived here now
He died last week
run over while biking
drug 15 ft under a jeep
by some bitch in a sorrority I imagine
Edwin Gardner V
Became a husband at 50
A dad a little later
"He's 64. She's 11. They are partners in adventure. Lewis and Clark"
he helped kids
Spoke his mind
gave me a little hope
his memorial starts in front of my new house - a bike ride....
life is a spider's web
each ensnaring line a string of dew drops
shining like diamonds in the morning light
dissecting it into component colors
drawing me in
I'm tangled up

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