An old friend, sort of
We didn't talk that much in school
but I respected her
it's been seven years since I last saw her
Tonight, dinner with her husband, to be
Two doctors, to be
My questions are usually one's I've had
To ask myself
I've had plenty since then
But I never wanna let on
That I know how painful the answers can be
Or how much they can stir a restless soul
Just looking for contentment
That they always seem
To make people's heads float away
A million miles from where I am
She seemed a little lost
she said she was glad her head didn't work like mine
'cause she could never make a decision
But she smiled at me too
As if in gratitude - for asking
her eyes looked watery
But he did not notice
When I said I wonder if I am made to marry
She said "I can relate"
and told me fondly of her aunt
Who tried it 4 times, before she quit trying
she said she is better that way
She also said it would take a special woman to handle me
I wonder what that means sometimes
I have heard it a lot lately
I hope what I do is good
I think it is
At least better than nodding
And saying I am happy for you
Without knowing if you are
That seems irresponsible-
For a friend