It don't feel right (II)

Thank you Jim Carey
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
My brain ain't no whiteboard
Memories aren't written in dry erase marker
and if they were
I wouldn't just erase them
Untag myself in them
Because they make me happy
Even if
The person in them makes me mad
for doing that
But I see why you still love her too
and like you
I understand why she did it
no need to face, what you can erase
---It's all a big mess---
I don't remember your ending
but I think it was like the beginning
I guess that means you'd do it again
I would too
An aside:
Agent orange
the color of her hair
asked her, her name
Clementine- not an orange
don't make fun of it
"Oh my darling"
So I wondered what's in a name
I c tarnish
T(he) arch sin
I like irony