I tried

I wasn't looking for Ms.Right
I was looking for Miss Right Now
She wanted even less
but I did my best
to put myself out there
and be there for her
I told her that I was leaving soon
that I wasn't ready for love
that my heart still had open wounds
that it was still tethered
to a rock in the river
and what I needed most
was someone to help me
cut the ropes
or I was gonna drown
but she didn't wanna hear it
so I ended up trying to carry on
a normal conversation
as I bobbed along the water's surface
but it's hard to talk
with water in your mouth
while you're gasping for air
in the end, she couldn't help me
'cause she couldn't understand why I still cared so much
about someone who didn't care about me
but after a while
I felt that described her too
when I saw a few texts I shouldn't have seen
when I saw how fickle her affection could be
when the visits were about
the one thing I could get from anyone...
I knew I had to help myself
cause no one else could
so I took a deep breath
dove deep
and untied the ropes
set myself free
gave away my keys
and ran like Icarus to the sun
as far away as I could get-
to the Keys, the Conch Republic
I was gonna go by myself
but fate brought along some strangers
who didn't care about anything
including me...
I just wanted a distraction.
But when I got back
I still did what I could do for her
'cause I cared
but I still had to do some stuff
for myself
so I packed my bags
and ran away again
straight towards my problems
this time
but she didn't want to hear that either
but now I tell her everything
even the stuff she doesn't wanna hear
and she understands now
even if it hurts a little, at first
but I hope she's better for it
and stronger for it
and happier in the long run
either way
I want the best for her
and I'm still here for her
even if it's not
exactly how she wants it
I'm glad we can be honest with each other
even if it took a while