I never thought a traffic ticket could be a love letter

In an empty bar
where no one spoke our language
where water cost the same as beer
I said "Do you want to dance"
she said "Of course"
without hesitation
and I didn't have to ask
if she wanted a kiss
I just leaned in
and she closed her eyes
and I opened my heart
it takes a lot of hot air
to lift a man off the ground
and just a moment to
bring him back
but it don't take that much
to lift a man's spirits
there were others there
but if they didn't smile
they didn't matter
'cause there ain't nothin' wrong
with havin' a good time
and I had troubles on my mind
but for a night
I forgot about all of 'em
a bottle of wine
free condiments
and kiss that was
"gonna earn y'all a ticket if y'all don't stop"
some driving that got us a warning and a smile...
Thank you officer, "it's our first date"
looking at notes carved in stone
for us,
"the stranger
who may in future times
read this inscription"

They wanted us to know how
"to live and how to die"
Thank you, I got it
I'll forget my "broken fortunes"
and I'll worry about death when it comes
but for now
I'll roll in the grass, and
I'll sleep under the stars
and work on findin'
that "priceless treasure"
you keep talkin' about