I could feel the storm coming
But I didn't want to sit through it this time
if I was gonna get wet it was gonna be by sweat not tears
Half a glass of rum
An orange popsicle
and two more swigs of bourbon
for good measure
bluegrass in my headphones 
and as close to naked as I could get
-let it all settle in-
then I just started runnin'
past the mansions down by the water
by the battery with all the tourists
Then uptown and past the hood 
I saw some bicyclists and ran them down
Then passed them
so I ran faster
I smile at the cat calls from drunk girls
just enough to remind me
I still have a few things going for me
then I didn't feel it anymore-
the stormclouds had passed
next time
'cause I'm sure there will be more
I'll probably sit through it
Cause I learn: 
what I'm scared of
What's broken 
and what I need to fix
but it's nice to know I can outrun it
if I wanna