We talked

He said he was old and tired
that he didn't mean to
shit just happens
land was sold
house was sold
couldn't hunt around here no more
cause of the deer
used to not be any
but then the government brought 'em back
people didn't want you on their land no more
so no more bird hunting
fuckin' deer, didn't seem happy 'about 'em
I didn't like shrimping
I quit baseball and he didn't care
about golf or band
plus he didn't like the way I talked back
and I didn't like the way he talked down
said we grew up in different times
He said he was a dad
I said I was a person
we didn't know how to talk to each other
either way I ain't a kid no more
so told him what he said and how it hurt
He said didn't mean it that way
not even close
didn't know it was that simple
something a talk could fix
gone work on bein' a "better communicator"