The sun creeps over the horizon
as I creep in the back door and into bed
a long night
to match a long day
Grandma turned 82 today
so we went out for BBQ
I ate too much
but that's what usually happens at buffets
good to see the family
then coffee to talk
about a topic we never broached
"we'll talk when I'm ready"
just lots of chatter
and lots of jitter from the 4 cups I had
a kiss, sort of, and some big hugs
then to see my shrink, another friend
who told me I ain't that bad
and all these boxes are tidy
but more seductive than practical
I got empathy, she says
I know how people would feel
if I were mean, if I were rude
it's sympathy that I was asking about
and that's all relative
ain't nothin' wrong with me
then dinner with Cat
and her Dad
who I like a lot
just a good ole' boy
we had chicken
and some apple pie
but my belly was full when I got there
I came to fill my head
and maybe my heart
I told myself I was gonna listen
and I did
but I still find myself talkin'
I got so much to say
and I'm so clumsy with words sometimes
I'm always talkin' around it, talkin' about it
but never "it"
well sometimes, I always try to
just ain't an easy thing to do
to put it in a sentence
saved in my phone as
"Jen - tall blonde - Bar None"
she said she had a boyfriend
but that didn't stop her
just talking
said he would be mad
but that didn't stop her
a kiss
as I said goodbye
she said goodbye
to him
so she could share her number
with me
I was flattered
but these things sure do make me wonder
'cause I always see myself on the other side
maybe I do have empathy after all
and maybe it's sympathy I'm lookin' for