Punctuality is a state of mind

I was on time, but I only caught your benediction.... but that was enough for today. You said the Sabbath was about being here. now. Present.
I stayed late to admire the sanctuary. I found myself in the midst of a memorial service for Shirley Karr Mecklin (1920-2010). I decided to stay. I wanted a glimpse of her life. I wanted to find joy in the life of this stranger, to discover the spark she had left with those around her.

I found it.
His hand shook. It was probably from stress or too much coffee or maybe some illness. But I told myself it was because he had let himself be overwhelmed by life on a regular basis. My hand does not shake, but my heart flutters, it trembles. I now know why.
Before, life distracted me from my own thoughts, now I see that was the point. Lately, I see beauty everywhere I look. I have reentered childhood for a second time. Maybe this is what being born again is really about.

I see differently. I feel differently.

I listen differently.

Astonishment is no longer a rarity.

Black waters in the gulf
a veiled sea, a dense canopy
Darkness reaches untouched shores
Though the well has been sealed 
It's shadow will linger
Black waters in my soul
She says she has distanced herself from her mother, but I wonder if she has distanced herself from the dreams of her mother.
I tried to see you free, but I failed to see that I couldn't do that by controlling you. You were just going to end up trading one set of chains for another.

I hope you understood