Part three, Act two

It's not really a first impression, though it is a bit like a first date. I was late, as usual, but it went well. I like it here. I think it's going to be a fun month.

Today I read this, and it rang true...
"New York is a place where a bunch of misfits in more conservative environments can finally feel free to be themselves. Just as I, she had always felt a bit like a fish out of water. Not so in New York. It’s home; a place where you can be an individual and not be looked at like you have three heads (except perhaps by tourists)."

I guess I realized I don't mind the looks anymore, or at least made me realize I shouldn't be afriad of them. I usually wear camo when I go out - size up the locals and blend in. Or if I want to be "different" I pick a stereotype they are familiar with. But today I went out in full southern hipster nerd attire: my custom fashion amalgem. I'm not really interested in blending in anymore. It's time to start attracting the type of people who like the "me" I like. Maybe this will make it a little easier. If nothing else, hopefully this silly exercise will help me to take what's on the inside and make me a little more comfortable bringing it to the outside.