When it all made sense

it was a piece of canvas
covered in paint
had a few holes in it
his friend wanted it
but he said he needed it
to wipe his brushes on
months later
sent it in the mail
to the same friend
now it's in a museum
now it's art
art used to be pictures of gods
then kings
then the rich
then just the beautiful
then ordinary, but still dramatic
now we put strings on the floor
I used to call it shit
but I get it
Looking through the viewfinder
the world looks different
the ordinary, ain't so ordinary
so I try to catch it
make the shutter flutter
my heart races
and my face smiles
I'm in the moment
why people like actin'
playin' sports
playin' music
cause they're "in the zone"
they livin'
not thinkin'
the past don't matter
no time to worry about the future
too much going on right now