Jody seems down, but he said he ain't sad
just can't get excited about anything, anymore
told him that's what depression is
when you don't see the point in life
wonder if his heart is broken too
I think it is, even if he won't say
for all it's joy, love causes so much pain
his girl did him wrong
went off with another guy behind his back
still sends him messages on facebook, late night texts
wonder if she's fucking with his head
or just torn
either way, he says he's moved on
but he's still stuck in something
sounds like she is too
what a mess
I remember she knocked 3 of his teeth out
when they were skipping rocks
he got that fixed
now she stole his smile
Robbie's got his heart cut too
his girl slept with another guy
he said, she said, she was "depressed"
he said to hell with it
went a bought a truck
with the money he was saving for her ring
says he's driving that diamond now
They haven't spoken since
but she did tell him it was a nice truck
he said "thanks"
wonder if she know
what he's really driving
maybe he needs a truck to carry that load
3 guys, sittin' around
watching a movie
about a gay man
falling in love
with another
"I love you Philip Morris"