I've got a hundred acres of corn
just across the road
Three fishin' holes in the back yard
goats around the corner
and chickens the other way
where does that put me?
right in the middle of country
right where I grew up
Picking fresh plums
Apples later this fall
trading tomatoes for corn, with Uncle Sonny
Figs are my favorite
So I just planted a tree
I'm gonna plant a lot more too
I want an orchard
among other things
I'm gonna make it a paradise here
I want livestock again
Granny does too, but for different reasons
they keep the trees trimmed and the grass cut
Daisy wants a horse
but I don't know anything about them
but we'll see
I like using the chainsaw
and riding down dirt roads
starting big fires
all the things you can't do in the city
all the things people make fun of
People talk different out here
that ain't no secret
but I never let myself do it
I still spoke the same language
had the same twang
but it was never mine
but now I don't have any of it
besides a slur and a drawl
I been away too long
but I still know what every word means
I finally see the beauty in it all
but it's gonna be gone soon
everything in the country is
but now that that things have slowed down
and its ok to be poor again
things do seem to be goin' back to normal
people have gardens
know their neighbors
maybe we'll hold out
I come home and rest
sleep more than I should
Eat more than I should
Mama still treats me like a baby
bakes for me
cooks all the good stuff
will do my laundry when I'm not looking
I finally started talking to her too
telling her how I felt about dad
what she thought the reasons were
why I went to NYC
how I have been down
and what's up
asked her why she spoiled me
Said she thought she didn't
thought she spoiled my brother more
cause they didn't have anything then
they were poor
they used to live in a trailer
I lived the good life
I grew up in a real house
I already knew that though
but I guess she wanted to hear
it wasn't her fault
that David didn't have the same life