I've always been a little peculiar
my parents let me do my own thing
keeping appearances don't matter too much,
in the country
but I knew their wishes
so I checked off every single one
except for a wife and kids
and I'll probably do that too, one day
but I got some places to see and thangs to do first
a thousand miles used to seem like a long way
but it ain't
it's only two and a half tanks of gas
it ain't cheap though
not no more
windows down
music up
shades on
shirt off
New England ain't used to that
they gimme strange looks, and shake their head
I hope they saw my license plate
'cause then they think they know
just another one of them
but they don't, and I ain't, and neither are they
Carolina just smiles and nods, just like me
they know how it is
too damn hot for all this pretense
too damn hot to be bullshittin'
28,000 miles since I started this journey
I could've gone around the whole world
and then gone on another trip to California
but I'd rather circle round where I'm from instead
see some friends, learn to love my home
that's what drivin' taught me
but that's why I left
so I'd know I wanted to stay
it all started out real nice
car was shiny
everything was all packed up, nice and neat
but now I got mud on my tires
scratches on my paint
dirty laundry all over my floorboard
car smells a little funny too
my AC don't even work
but I like it like that
sweat a little
if it's hot outside i wanna know
be thankful for the sunset
feel the wind through my fingers, my hair
get a little wet when it rains
last night I put my boat in the water
and then I went to sleep
a park ranger woke me up
said someone thought I was dead
but I ain't
I'm finally livin' again