Her mama snapped at her, go clean this up
Her mama loves her, and she knew it
and it might have been no big deal
if she hadn't seen how her mama was
with her brother
A bigger smile
A softer touch
A little more generous with the praise
and a little less harsh with the scorn
It just wasn't the same
and she knew it
Daddy wasn't this way though
yes, he liked his son more too
cause he could play football
but he never treated 'em any different
and she loved him for it
She loves me for it
She knows I know her secret
that's why I am her favorite uncle
even if I am her only uncle
I told her I had to talk with my daddy
and she should talk with her mama
and not let it eat at her forever
I told her she was special
and she just smiled
and looked a little embarrassed
I told her I loved her