Little books about kids livin by the tracks
I read every single one 
I liked the idea of running away
and finding a family 
happy and safe, with nice people
I knew it was true, mama showed me that, and I was gonna find it for myself 
I've had my bag packed since I was 6
got out at 16
I said I wanted to learn
and I guess that wasn't a lie
But that wasn't the reason
I was ready for a new home
we used to have one
but daddy wasn't one anymore 
so David ran away 
and I was stuck
he used to make me scratch his back at night if I said I was scared and wanted to sleep in his bed
He'd scratch mine too though
he's a good brother  
I didn't notice they stopped
but what happened to the ski trips
going to the lake
shrimping in beaufort
camping out at Black Creek
all he does now is sit at home and drink 
I wonder what happened to his friends 
he used to have a best one
but then that man's little girl died
and he started going to church
daddy don't care for church
I wonder if that's why they ain't friends anymore
I wonder if that's why he's so mad
just a man who lost his best friend 
he used to be the coolest guy in school
that's what the people around here tell me
you'd never know that now