I like the thought of rolling around in the grass, sitting in the sunshine, staring at the clouds and rainbows and eating ice cream sandwiches on a hot day. Laughing and giggling about what we see and clinging to that moment and dreaming of when it might happen again.

But life isn't a moment in time, a pastoral scene, a comforting thought. It's a cave and I'm blindly feeling my way through, with a little flashlight. Holding on to the hand of a friend, who's just as scared. It's a neverending corn maze.. We're just running though, sometimes alone, enjoying the challenge of getting a little farther along, the fun of meeting a new stranger, the rush that comes from getting lost and the smiles you have when you find your partner again. It's a country road that's not on the map, but is heading the direction we wanna go. Along the way we see all sorts of interesting things, make some memories. Roll the windows down and turn the music up. Just enjoy the journey cause there ain't no destination guaranteed except the grave.

It's the part that wasn't planned, but couldn't be passed up.

It's saying what needs to be said even when people don't wanna hear it.