Sneaky, Sneaky

I thought I had managed to sneak through April without a serious injury... and I did sort of, but that bitch still managed to leave her mark. I had a small cut on a mole while I was at the river a few weeks ago and it turned into a some technical term which I have forgotten, but basically means a capillary just got a mind of its own and started growing like mad. It was about the twice the size it was a month ago when I went in today. Anyway, the mole is gone and so is a small piece of my back. 13 stitches are keeping it in place. He's going to send off the skin to a lab to make sure it's not cancerous, but I am pretty sure everything is fine there. I'm just glad I was able to talk him into handling it without having to go into a dermatologist which would have been much, much more expensive. His bill was only about $250 which I thought was pretty reasonable.

Needless to say that's going to put a small crimp on my Florida plans, but not nix them all together. Hopefully I will feel well enough tomorrow to leave, but if not, I will head out on Monday. As with most things there is a silver lining... I got a prescription for Vicodin. That should make sitting on a beach in the Keys a lot more relaxing.