oh yeah, I ran a 5k this weekend too

went to the Rosewood Crawfish Dash just down the street from my house...

Just over 22 mins, but it looks like everyone was slow.... 10am start time in May in SC = bad idea.

Cory and my USC finance people were also in it. I hung out with them a lot this weekend, I guess they are my new group of friends. They are a fun group. I also found out Cory's dad was the mayor of the fine town of Gilbert. I find that funny for some reason. They are all going tubing Saturday if I make it back in time, which I don't think I will. They seem a lot happier than the people at BW.

Two girls I met last week are are in on my trip. Should be interesting... They seem nuts.

Sunburn is still a bitch, back is fine. Vicodin is still my new best friend, though he clouds my mind more than I would like.