Faith is fragile

I feel just a hint of what it might feel to be raped or to be robbed at gunpoint. I have that sense of being violated, of trusting whatever situation I was in and then being taken advantage of by someone else's selfishness.

I had a friend who was stabbed while walking home. She didn't mention it to anyone, but a few weeks ago we all got drunk and while we were walking home something pricked her sense of fear. She just crumbled. All of her emotional walls were broken down and she just cried, and cried, and cried.

That sense of... losing control, of not being able to trust again, of wondering if it was karma or just chance... still nags. It's not the stab wound though, it will heal, but it's just scary knowing there are other people like that out there. Even when you think you are safe, even when you are in the company of those you want to believe in, of those you trusted more than yourself.