I was right. They were nuts. Never go on roadtrips with strangers. I still had fun though.

The Everglades were not what I expected, but still impressive. It reminded me of the Savannahs in Africa. I rode in an airboat which was pretty bad ass. The Keys (which comes from the Spanish word Cayo, for Island... They are still an archipelago. None of the natives seemed to know this though. I had to refer to wikipedia) were solid, but honestly, the beaches in Miami were just as good and had more people/restaurants. I wouldn't make the trip there unless I just wanted some peace and quiet. Miami was too materialistic for me (as much as Manhattan, but in a kitschy, nouveau riche way - tattoos, fake tans, Bentley's, fake tits), but I could definitely see living there. By far the nicest big city I have been in... an endless summer doesn't hurt either.

I'll post pictures soon.